All Warranties require First name, Last name, and phone number for exchanges or Gift Card 

Non-Living Merchandise: are subject to a 30-day exchange only or for Store Credit on ALL unopened items with original sales receipt. No Exchanges or Credits for Opened box items. 
Electronics: . All unopened electronics are subject to 15 day exchange or gift card.  All Electronic warranties must be submitted to the Manufacturer with proof of purchase from Picasso Exotic Aquatics. This includes Lights, Pumps, Control systems, Auto top off, Wavemakers, etc. Must have original manufacturer seal still intact.

Waterbox®: All Waterbox aquariums come standard with a 2 year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase with receipt. If purchased and installed by a trained Picasso technician, Picasso will honor an additional Part and Labor warranty
Once any Livestock has been purchased it needs to be acclimated and placed in the aquarium in under one (1) hour. If the customer is traveling further than one (1) hour's time, the customer must tell a Sales Associate or Picasso Exotic Aquatics assumes no responsibility for any losses. If the customer plans to make a purchase of Livestock from our store, the customer must take it immediately home and acclimate the Livestock to their aquarium. After the transaction is complete, the Warranty Policy stands for 48 hours from the Time and Date printed on the receipt. If the animal expires with-in this 48 hour time frame, to be covered under this warranty policy, all of the conditions listed on the 48 Hour Warranty Livestock Replacement Form must be met. Inc: Proof of purchase (receipt) and return of animal is required or clear photo of the animal in-situ with the bag closed. When the water sample is tested, all water parameters must be in Picasso’s recommended range for the specific type of aquarium owned by the customer. These parameters can be found on the back of our water testing form. Nitrates specifically in the water must be under 10 parts per million. If all conditions are met, then a Gift Card will be issued for 50% of the purchase price up to a maximum of $100.00 that can be used for Livestock purchases only. Picasso Exotic Aquatics is only to provide one (1) Warranty term per purchased Livestock item. No Cash Value

30 day SEA LIFE Exchange - If you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days you may exchange Fish or Coral ONLY. No cash value. 

Due to the sensitive nature of Invertebrates such as Snail, Shrimp, Clams, Crabs. All Sales are final. No Warranty after removal from the store. 

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