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Join us for our Coral Sale!  View the details in the flyer below.


Just In: New AQUAFOREST® PRODUCTS! Picasso Exotic Aquatics is KC's Exclusive Aquaforest® Dealer! Premium Salt mixes, high quality supplements, and more! Our staff will teach you all about them!

​Aquaforest® is one of the most up and coming brands in the aquatic industry, all the way from Poland-- their products are laboratory grade created with high quality ingredients and precise methods. The product line is comprised of complete methodologies for different types of marine environments from fish only systems to SPS ultra-low nutrient systems. There are filter media products, additives like calcium and magnesium, as well as a line of probiotic products uniquely formulated for biological filtration reliant systems.

All the new products are easy to use, highly concentrated, and come with info cards for your convenience. We even switched to their line of salt mixes which include three unique types. There is a Deluxe Marine Salt, Premium Reef Salt, and Super Premium Probiotic Reef Salt. The Deluxe Marine Salt is a basic mix for fish only tanks and soft corals. The Premium Reef Salt is the best choice if you have mixed corals, fish, and invertebrates in your tank. The Super Premium Probiotic Reef salt is formulated with Amino Acids and Vitamins to nourish your corals and invertebrates in a low nutrient system. Come on in to check out the products in person and talk to a knowledgable staff member about using them in your aquarium!

SaltSaver® Members get to upgrade to Premium Reef Salt for FREE! Find out about membership by clicking HERE

If you are a maintenance client you can upgrade to Premium or Super Premium salt for your tanks as well so talk to your technician today about your upgrade!

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7.18.16 Monday

Wednesday 10.19.16

Announcing: Three Weekend Sale From Now Until October 31st!

​Our largest sale of the year so far! Lots of fish, coral, inverts, and plants on sale! Check out our selection in store today. Happy Halloween!!!

Current Saltwater Specials:

Blue Maxima Clams: Buy One Get One 75% OFF (limit 1 per person)

Coral Frags $17-$97: Buy One Get One FREE

All Large Case Corals: Buy One Get One 50% OFF (limit 2 per person)

New** $97 and $147 Case Corals are 50% OFF (excludes display corals)

Clownfish- Ocellaris Varieties: Buy One Get A Matching One FREE

Snails and Crabs: Buy 3 of a Kind Get 2 Matching Ones FREE

​Haitian Condy Anemones: 50% OFF Now Only $18 (limit 2/p)

New** Orbiculate Cardinalfish: Half OFF, Buy 1 for $12 or 3 for $32

New** Solar, Yellow Coris, Longfin Fairy Wrasse: 30% OFF, (Stock Units Only)

Current Freshwater Specials:

New** Extra Large Boesemani Rainbowfish Now $7.99

New** All Freshwater Plants: Buy One Get One FREE (equal or lesser value)

Select Tetras: BUY 5 GET 6 FREE (Buenos aires, blue, pristella tetras)

All Spider Driftwood: 25% OFF Huge Selection of Pieces

All Juniper Driftwood: 25% OFF

Medium Convict Cichlids Now $3.99

​Juvenile Frontosa Cichlid Now Only $99.00

Adult Frontosa Cichlid Now Only $199.00

New** Select African Cichlids 5 for $5 small or 5 for $10 med

Monday 1.16.17

Tuesday 11.23.16

​See our Black Friday Flyer Below...It's Black Friday at Picasso Exotic Aquatics, you could win up to 60% of your purchase value back on a gift card! Your purchase can include fish, coral, rock, supplies, or whatever you want! As long as it's over $50 you can roll the dice after you check out and you get a percentage of your purchase on a gift card!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday! 



We offer three varieties of lab-grade salt designed to provide the most accurate conditions for any "fish only" or "reef" system. 

  • Deluxe - sea salt
  • Premium - reef salt
  • Super Premium - probiotic reef salt 


Aquaforest® Salts are packed with essential components for a healthy aquarium. Guarantee the most beautiful aquarium by adding these basics. 

  • Build - growth acceleration in corals
  • Micro E - necessary heavy metals for corals
  • Amino Mix - blend of amino acids for basic coral heatlh
  • Vitality - essential vitamins for coral heatlh
  • Fish V - essential vitamins for fish health

Color Enhancement

Make your corals shine with the addition of Aquaforest® color enhancement supplements.

  • ​​Iodum - increases blue and purple pigmentation in corals
  • Flourine - increases blue and white pigmentation in corals
  • Kalium - increases pink and red pigmentation in corals 

Coral Food 

Corals need more than just light to thrive. "Filter" or "Target" feed your corals the right food to accelerate their growth.

  • Phyto Mix - a blend of phytoplankton for zooanthids, soft corals, and others
  • Energy - Highly nutritious blend of food for all types of corals and clams
  • Coral Food - blend of all food types to feed any coral
  • Ricco Food - a diet specifically designed for Ricorida Mushrooms 


To maximize your chemical filtration and reduce algae, include nutrient absorbing medias into your filter scheme. 

  • Phosphate minus - significantly reduces phosphorus and phosphates in  any marine or reef aquarium
  • Zeomix - an extremely porous media which houses essential bacteria that reduce ammonia and nitrates
  • Carbon - an effective media to remove discoloring compounds and heavy metals


The most efficient mechanism for chemical filtration is a Media Reactor.Aquaforest® reactors are simple to use, inexpensive and will accommodate any fresh or saltwater system. 


Monday 1.16.17

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