The custom aquarium was made off site and shipped to KC a few months later. The custom steel aquarium stand was put into place after the custom cabinetry was completed. Then there was the BIG DAY. The aquarium had to be put into place, weighing nearly 800 pounds, it took 8 men and women to get it in place, But all went well and the aquarium looked great and fit like a glove in the space designed for it...

This picture is the area in the basement that was chosen to house the filtration components like the sump, life support pumps, water vat, RODI unit and storage for aquarium supplies. There are a lot of considerations when choosing the location of these components such as proximity to the water source and ample electric sources. The area later had drywall put up and a coat of water resistant paint to combat the humidity. Some clients choose to have a small industrial sink installed close by to facilitate aquarium maintenance.

Before we could fill it with water the filtration and water system was installed in that space showed above. Great aquariums start with great equipment so nothing was spared on this install. A custom sump was outfitted with filter socks, a skimmer, and two life support  pumps to pump the water back up to the tank upstairs. An RODI unit to make reverse-osmosis de-ionized water was installed and a large container to hold the water sits just to the right. So now for the really fun part...

The project all started when Dr. B saw our beautiful display tanks and said he wanted one in his new home that he was remodeling in the coming year...

The livestock (fish and coral) were purchased from this established reef tank in the store. So at 7 am we started draining the tank and removing all the live critters for transport to their new home. It was about 85-90 degrees outside so we had to prepare the fish and coral so they would stay cool and oxygenated for the 40 minute drive to the client's house. It took two maintenance vans full of fish and coral and 3 trips to get everything there...

This picture is the space he originally wanted the aquarium in however upon discussion with our  custom aquarium designer he decided on a different spot in the great room of the home. Sometimes aquarium placement is changed because of structural or electrical considerations but this time it was just an aesthetic decision.

The new location for the aquarium was chosen to reduce the amount of demolition that would have to be done to the walls surrounding the built-in aquarium,  this space was also visible from most vantage points in the room. The picture to the right is the space painted and trimmed out ready for aquarium placement. The pipes in the floor go to the basement where the filtration system will be located. The filtration was placed in the basement to reduce noise and allow more space for the different components.

Dr. B's Custom Aquarium Project

Here is the final result! A little cloudy from the new sand. A truly innovative facade for the front of the aquarium made for a seamless blend from cabinetry to aquarium. The cabinet opens on the top and bottom for easy access and for feeding the fish. It was so amazing to work with Dr. B and his family. It will be a true centerpiece and focal point for their home for years to come. Let us know how we can make your aquarium dreams become reality.

This custom aquarium and filtration hold over 500 gallons of water. It took a couple hours just to fill it with freshly made saltwater and some aged water from the original tank. All the liverock was placed, fish and coral acclimated and put in, lights were hung and programmed. All the plumbing was installed, filtration components were added and our lead service technician powered the system on.




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