All Great Aquariums Start with Great Equipment:

We can supply you with everything you need for your aquarium:


  • Custom Aquariums
  • ​Aquarium Stands / Canopies / Glass Tops
  • Custom and Standard Sump Filtration
  • Internal and External Pumps
  • Internal and External Skimmers
  • Refugium Filtration Systems
  • RODI and Saltwater Vat Systems
  • Aquarium Plumbing Parts/ Bulkheads​

We sell a variety of aquatic supplies for every level from the beginner to the most advanced aquarist. Some of the items you can find at the store include:

  • Filtration Media
  • Freshwater and Saltwater Supplements​
  • Fish Medications and Treatments
  • Cleaning Supplies and Equipment
  • Dry and Frozen Foods
  • Coral Foods and Supplements
  • Coral Fragging Supplies
  • Gravel, Sand, Crushed Coral Substrates
  • Decorative Coral and Plants
  • Real Driftwood and Rock Varieties
  • Water Testing Supplies
  • RODI Water Unit Supplies
  • Pumps and Powerheads
  • ​Aquarium Lighting​




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