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What Is The Most Expensive Mistake Made By Aquarium Owners?

One of the most overlooked keys to success in aquarium keeping is making sure that the aquarium system stays stable. As aquarium owners there are multiple areas where this can go wrong. Whenever a problem occurs, it is easy to turn to additives and media to help with our struggles. Sometimes this works, but a lot of times it is only a short term solution. There is one golden rule we follow at Picasso Exotic Aquatics that keeps our aquariums in superior health, and we believe you can take full advantage of this as well!

Before we get to our truly reliable golden rule..

First, let us note that water quality in the aquarium is of the utmost importance. We only use additives and media if necessary. If we made adjustments to our systems all the time, our tanks would be very unstable!

Second, you can keep an aquarium in good health by using quality products and clean, filtered, professional Saltwater; Also filtered RO/DI Freshwater. We sell and highly recommend Tropic Marin salt mixes as they have been the highest pharmaceutical grade company we have found and used. For freshwater tanks, we highly recommend not using tap-water, but to use RO/DI Water from us (this is not distilled water or drinking water).

Lastly, it can be cheaper to use a high-quality water over tap!

What if we told you that you can save money, and at the same time, eventually profit off of your aquarium when using filtered water?  It is possible, 

but to do so, follow closely..

Now this expensive mistake aquarium owners make is lack of a very simple action that can:

1. Keep your aquarium extremely stable

2. Reduce the amount of waste in the tank (This means little to no algae)

3. Allow your livestock to thrive and grow in a healthy environment indefinitely

It allows true, Living Art.

The simple Golden Rule we follow is: Perform frequent, small water-changes


Do a small 20% - 25% water-change; Once per week. No more, no less.

A water-change every week offers the ability to save money and not require you to buy every product on the market. It sucks to lose livestock to bad water quality since you have invested so much money and time into them. Make the change that closes doors to any of your aquarium troubles.

We want your aquarium to be simple, but elegant like the ones you see full of thriving fish, coral colonies, and plants. With proper maintenance, you can have an abundance of full healthy livestock, and astonishingly, such a mass of livestock that it will grow to the point where you may actually need to sell some of it.

For this to happen you must keep your aquarium stable. While motivating you to perform these water-changes, we would also like to save you money in another area..and that is the water itself.

Welcome to our Salt Saver Membership. The program is for aquarists of all kinds: freshwater, saltwater, big tanks or nano tanks, and from beginners to the most advanced hobbyists. Become a part of the largest group of successful aquarists in Kansas City! Every month, you can save up to $60 in cost of water alone! This membership grants you 40 gallons of any type of water you like every month.

It's 100% your choice.

No waiting to checkout or pay. You bring in buckets (or buy them from us one time), we fill your buckets, and we get them back out to you extremely quickly.

A no hassle program..We will even carry the buckets out and load them in your car if you like!

The price of this membership is a minuscule 22 dollars per month.

A simple, no brainer program that saves our members hundreds of dollars, literally.

   This is auto charged to a card that you may keep on file. No annoying billing calls, mail, emails, etc. 

​  The program is a no contract membership and if you try it and don't like it,          you may cancel at anytime!

To set up your Salt Saver Membership today, call the store here: 913.338.3900 or email