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Salt Saver Membership CLUb

Our SaltSaver Membership is for aquarists of all kinds; freshwater, saltwater, big tanks or nano tanks, from beginners to the most advanced hobbyists. Become a part of the largest group of successful aquarists in Kansas City! Gain access to industry expertise, new products, featured livestock and free stuff! Members pay $21.00 a month and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 40 gallons of RODI or Saltwater FREE each month
  • Earn Frequent Fisher Points on every purchase made
  • Get a special gift on your birthday
  • Access to Friday Deal Days twice a month that save you $$


  1. ​The SaltSaver Success Group is a no contract membership you may cancel at anytime. 
  2.  The single monthly investment of $21.00 is auto-charged to a credit card on file, which is easy and convenient.
  3. Get 40 gallons of water with your membership each month! ($50 value!)
  4. Earn one point for every $10 spent, each point is worth $1, use the points towards new livestock!
  5. Receive admission to Friday Deal Days that save you money!
  6. Receive a special coupon on your Birthday!
  7. Your aquarium profile kept on file will help us better serve your needs.
  8. Get exclusive access to the largest group of successful aquarists in Kansas City.
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